What is a Crypto Whale War? How Baby Feg has Continued to Overcome Adversity.

July 1, 2021, 7:59PM EST- Brooklyn, New York. Over the past couple of days, Baby Feg has risen to an astonishing market cap of over $5,000,000.00. This rapid growth in such a short amount of time has removed any doubt about the intention of the team to push towards the long-term in face of any obstacles.

Even when the project was based off of the concept of creating a utility token in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) space, the growth was unexpected. The goal of Baby Feg has always been to support existing projects and provide a buy-now and pay-later option. The tokenomics of $BFG were made simple by the BSC contract developer and the owner of the project; 2% towards a Business Wallet, 2% Reflection to Holders, 6% to Liquidity Pool, and 52% tokens burned.

It is clear that no growth in the Crypto De-Fi space comes without adversity. Recently, a group of whales (investors who came in early on a project and hold large amounts of a token) have attempted to influence the progress of $BFG by selling large amounts to spite the project in low confidence of long-term goals.

However, the team has continued to deliver with early listings on CG (CoinGecko) and TW (Trust Wallet Logo and Trust Wallet value) in the first 3 hours of the project launch. The project team had announced that the CMC (CoinMarketCap) listing would be coming soon in the near future, thanks in large part to efforts of the team to put forward a strong application.

The teams hopes to have CMC listed in the next day or so with a strong push for this coming Friday, building towards a weekend where investors in the stock market turn to cryptocurrency on the weekends and investors in the Baby Feg community can take a break from their long work weeks to watch the project grow.

If there is any evidence of a coming listing, it should be taken into consideration that the project team has continued to deliver promise after promise. It is the team’s drive that has propelled the project towards the future and the large contributions by the project owner.